Well, there used to be a sort of habit of mine to put down some thoughts in writing during our long haul flights. But this one caught me completely off guard, in-between the cabin lights closing too soon, Pablo Escobar capturing my full attention, five hours of continuous turbulence and Icarus documentary making me wonder (once more) what sort of world is this the one we’re living in. And now, actually having not slept at all during the last couple of nights, currently with my ears popping and inner equilibrium (still) tilting while the aircraft is descending at the fastest rate ever from 11.000 m, I suddenly pulled the laptop from the front pocket right at the last minute, thinking of my Palm Green ink back home that is still filling my silver pen for the new travel diary we both (me the adult and her – the exhausted young child sleeping on my lap) started today, while greeting Mauritius.