Singapore felt instantly comfortable.

Big cities ARE big cities. And Singapore breathes excellence and state-of-the art anything when it comes to the city, combined with multiculturalism and a huge variety when it comes to its places and the people.

In Singapore you will find the perfectly built town machinery, the latest in terms of architecture and innovative solutions, you’ll walk inside buildings and be impressed, you’ll walk on roofs over 60 stories high, you will find Chinese, Indian, Malay, a lot of British (and I am not referring exclusively to the people, but more to its overall air), a mix of races, religions, corporations, boutiques, lesser and lesser decrepit houses, street food, electronics, educated people, many green areas, a lot of space to breathe despite the scarcity of land there, sometimes huge prices, a lot of rules, excellent infrastructure, the finest airport I’ve ever been in, indicators in 4 languages at the same time, the nicest of Zoos in the world, exquisite shops, good food. And recently a Michelin-Star Noodle street food stall. You’ll walk and feel in Europe while looking at tropical trees bordering the walkways, you’ll go and smell the Little India, you’ll eat Chinese and even experience the Kitsch.

You will leave the place enriched.


On-This-Week Collection: bringing up moments from the same week sometime in the past.

“Singapore Skyline”, 13 Sep 2010